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The Kloosterkerk

The Kloosterkerk is one of the oldest buildings in The Hague, situated at the Lange Voorhout. The church and monastery were built between 1397 and 1403. Well-known people were buried in the church, like Jacob Cats (1660) and Gabriel Fahrenheit (1736). The church has an organ built by the famous Danish organ builder Marcussen in […]

Zeehelden Theatre

The Zeeheldentheater is a sustainable theater, not only because of technical facilities such as LED lighting, double glazing, eco-grass roof, heat recovery installations, sensors, automatic cranes, but also because of the stimulation of a workplace with a very diverse composition of employees. In addition, larger series of performances take place and people have a listening […]


HaagsPianoHuis meets the great need of young professional pianists to continue their artistic development and entrepreneurship after graduation. We offer them fine spaces in a beautiful location to study, rehearse with ensembles, stream, make recordings and give concerts. In the hall we have a beautiful Steinway concert grand piano and in the studio we have […]

Hague Hoppers

Hague Hoppers is a vintage jazz dance school in the centre of the Hague. You can learn here partnered and solo dances from years 1930-40s originated in the black American community and danced to a swing music such as lindy hop, tap, collegiate shag, vernacular jazz, balboa or blues. We also offer regular social dance […]

Dance school Wesseling The Hague

Dance school for all ages. We have partner dances in ballroom dancing, salsa, Argentine tango and solo dances such as latin fit or latin solo. For children there is toddler dance, street dance, hip hop, jazz, modern and breakdance.

West The Hague

West Den Haag shows contemporary art in the former American embassy, designed by Marcel Breuer. We contribute to the Museumkwartier of The Hague through lively, international art of today. With exhibitions, concerts, events and guided tours we aim to encourage conversations that make space for the imagination. West is open to a diverse audience which […]

Theaters Diligentia and PePijn

Theaters Diligentia and PePijn are the comedy and cabaret venues of The Hague. Because we believe in the powerful and disempowering effect of humor, we focus on a versatile cabaret program. We offer our audience cabaret artists, stand-up comedians and cabaret artists who each in their own way proclaim their humorous message. Theater PePijn is […]

Theater De Vaillant

Theater De Vaillant is the cultural center of the Schilderswijk and Transvaal. In De Vaillant you can also go to have lunch, drink coffee or visit a performance. Our motto: do it yourself, do it together! Is reflected in the programming. Both known and unknown talent perform together on stage and you can see programs […]

Theater Branoul

In a world where all is presented in bite-sized chunks, Branoul’s audience is taken into their own imagination, into the wonderful world of words. We find these words in an inexhaustible source of fantastic novels that are adapted into stage performances, in which the audience is taken on a journey in his imagination. Branoul is […]


Rabarber is a vibrant learning environment where young people aged 4 to 27 can develop personally and artistically through theater drama lessons, workshops and productions.