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Zeehelden Theatre

The Zeeheldentheater is a sustainable theater, not only because of technical facilities such as LED lighting, double glazing, eco-grass roof, heat recovery installations, sensors, automatic cranes, but also because of the stimulation of a workplace with a very diverse composition of employees. In addition, larger series of performances take place and people have a listening […]

Clubhopping Festival

Clubhopping Festival is a collective showcase of The Hague nightlife. Whereby Clubhopping organizes transportation through the city center in the form of ‘city trains’ and tuk-tuks. The Hague is the festival terrain, the clubs are the stages!

West The Hague

West Den Haag shows contemporary art in the former American embassy, designed by Marcel Breuer. We contribute to the Museumkwartier of The Hague through lively, international art of today. With exhibitions, concerts, events and guided tours we aim to encourage conversations that make space for the imagination. West is open to a diverse audience which […]


PAARD wants to make as many people as possible happy with music and thereby promote cohesion and understanding between people. We do this by organizing concerts and night programming, organizing festivals and events and sharing them with as many enthusiasts as possible. Not only as an audience, by the way: we also want to encourage […]


Musicon is the inclusive all-round pop music center of The Hague: here you will find rehearsal rooms, a music school, workshop & course rooms, party rooms and an attractive music café. Musicon is sacred music ground in The Hague, with more than 400 bands on stage every year and more than 15,000 concert visitors. We […]


Korzo is a house in motion. A cutting-edge theatre and creative producer at the same time. We bring audiences and makers together in innovative formats, because we are curious and are convinced that talent can flourish through unusual connections and an open mind. Our motto is ‘Here to move you’ for a reason.

Amare The Hague

Amare is the new home for culture, education, events and meeting on the Spuiplein in The Hague. A brand new building with concert halls, a theater hall, studios, lesson and rehearsal rooms, catering and much more. The Amare Foundation is responsible for the management and programming of this largest cultural building in the Netherlands, which […]