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Horror night at Filmhuis Den Haag

Durf jij het aan? In de nacht horrorfilms kijken? Als aftrap van het horrorseizoen bij Filmhuis Den Haag nodigen we je uit om een avond te komen griezelen. Kruip achter je dekentje of zit op het puntje van je stoel, schreeuw het uit of probeer wakker te blijven: de horrornacht is er één die je bijblijft!


As part of CLUBHOPPING, PAARD presents: ZEUS. House & Techno at its best. We are ready to provide you with a great line up, quality entertainment and futuristic decorations.

Diligentia’s Fun Fair

Will we see you at Diligentia’s Fun Fair? We dare you to take a chance at our ‘Comedy Whack-a-Mole’ and show that you can hit the laughable targets! Challenge your friends to a breathtaking air hockey duel and amaze them with your skills. Unleash your inner pinball champion and achieve the highest scores as you skillfully navigate the ball over the flippers. But that’s not all! Because what’s better than enjoying all these activities with a homemade cotton candy, popcorn, or even a refreshing cocktail?

Synaesthesis Ensemble

The contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis, based in Vilnius, has an international reputation as a daring musical ensemble dedicated to the creation and performance of new and unique music. The team is composed of a group of diverse and highly skilled musicians, taking up the mission of introducing works of experimental Lithuanian and foreign, and employing […]

Club: Radio Tonka & DJ’s

RadioTonka is The Hague’s underground radio station, since 1994. Next to a very diverse night radio broadcast program on DenHaagFM, RadioTonka functions as a roaming stage and platform, supporting djs and musicians, with a focus on new talent, experimentation and artistic growth. For the Onze Ambassade Festival #5 RadioTonka will again transform the Alphabetum to the hottest club in the museum district, with a thrilling lineup live-acts and expert DJs from the The Hague area.

Clubhopping Festival

The city center is our playground! Clubhopping Festival takes you on an adventure through The Hague’s nightlife. Gather your party buddies and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city’s best nightlife.