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‘Ook van Jou Festival’ at Dakota

Curious about next season’s program? Or do you just feel like a fun evening with performances, snacks and drinks? Come Friday night to see the best previews and celebrate Dakota’s season opening!

Back to the 90s en 00s

We go back to the time when we were little and show you the classics of the nineties and zero’s. Come reminisce nostalgically with your favorite classics at the Filmhuis Den Haag.

Beatlab @ Musicon

In this workshop, Martijn Verlinden will take you in tow in his Beat Laboratory. How does a cool beat start, and how do you create it? You can conjure them from anywhere. During Beatlab you get them from your immediate surroundings, for example by simply banging on a table or doorpost with sticks. While experimenting, you will create a beat together.