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A place for everyone!

The dance place where young and old have been dancing for 100 years. Taste the atmosphere of a real dance school in the heart of The Hague! This dance school is unique and everyone is welcome!

Balkan Fusion Dance workshop and performance

Anyone who hears the accordions and horns of traditional and pop music from the Balkan region will feel it right away: sitting still is not possible, nor is it meant to be. During the workshop you will learn, among other things, the circle dance, characteristic of the region, and we will then move on to some short, energetic dance combinations. The rousing sounds from Balkans stir something in you. Before you know it, your hips are moving smoothly to the music. This is where you shake it all off!

BLVKBX (ages 13+)

Welcome to the BLCKBX. Gen Z’s theatrical time capsule. The generation that knows no world without smartphones. Here we keep our deepest fears, dreams, desires and ideals. Pronounced, silent, we stand in a world full of contradictions and change. We take you into what should NEVER be lost for us.