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Filmhuis Den Haag

Filmhuis Den Haag is all about the love of film. It is a cultural meeting place that brings people and cultures together with films that tell stories and invite you to empathize with the other. The Filmhuis does this by showing films, from international classics to contemporary quality cinema, often with a side program. In addition, we make educational programs, develop talent and offer young filmmakers from The Hague a stage. The Filmhuis also has a special collection that tells something about the history of cinema.


Filmhuis Den Haag

2 September - Afternoon

12:00 -


Hotspot Live Loket @ Filmhuis

2 September - Evening

22:30 -


Horror night at Filmhuis Den Haag

2 September - Afternoon

12:30 -


Balkan Fusion Dance workshop and performance

2 September - Afternoon

13:30 -


Great sound of the drums and rhythm of traditional tribal dances from East Africa

2 September - Evening

21:00 -


Pubquiz: House of Horror