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Theater The Regentes

De Regentes in Segbroek is a theater of, for, by and with the neighborhood and “the world in The Hague. A special and vibrant neighborhood theater that with a small permanent team and a large diverse group of volunteers professionally offers a warm bath to residents, visitors, emerging and arrived (stage) artists, partners and tenants. An unmissable cultural center with history!

The building that houses De Regentes dates back to 1920. Back then it was the largest indoor swimming and bathing facility in Europe. Finally, the pool was closed in 1995 after it no longer met the demands of the time. The building has not served as a swimming pool for many years, but its special architecture and authenticity are still clearly recognizable in the facade and tile work, for example. In the Grote Zaal (the former pool hall), for example, the changing rooms, characteristic tiling and balustrades have been preserved while the Boiler House (the former boiler room) has a rougher industrial character. The showpiece of de Regentes is het Diepe (formerly the pool basin) where the original pool floor has been preserved. Visitors and performers describe the atmosphere as an Off Broadway theater. No plush and carpet, but a raw monumental environment that leaves an unforgettable impression.


Theater The Regentes

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