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Theosophical Society Point Loma (TSPL)

We welcome everyone who wants to think independently and is seeking truth and wisdom. We offer universal knowledge which underlies all world philosophies and religions, and which is based on the ‘How’ (Science), the ‘Why’ (Philosophy) and the ‘What’ (Religion) of life. 

Activities (EN/NL):

Lectures – live onine – interactive – free of charge

Courses – Thinking Differently & Life Wisdom



Books – webshop & free download

Video tutorials


1. The essential unity of all that exists. 

2. Based on this: brotherhood as a fact in nature.

3. Respect for everyone’s free will (within the context of universal brotherhood).

4. Respect for everyone’s freedom to build their own vision on life. 

5. Support in deepening one’s own vision of life and applying it in the practice of life.


Theosophical Society Point Loma (TSPL)

2 September - Afternoon

12:00 -


Welcome to the Blavatskyhouse!