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Korzo previewnight

We’ve put together a program with all the disciplines you’ve come to expect from Korzo.
Come along for music, dance, circus and physical theater.
You can walk in or out of the hall after each performance and there is an intermission after each block.


As part of CLUBHOPPING, PAARD presents: ZEUS. House & Techno at its best. We are ready to provide you with a great line up, quality entertainment and futuristic decorations.

MounaMay Dance School | Oriental Dance

Do you know what oriental dance is? Curious? Then come check out MounaMay’s performances. Oriental dance consists of various dance styles that have their origins in the Orient.

Swing dancing with Hague Hoppers

Can’t you sit still when the old jazz music is playing? Come and dance with us! With the Hague Hoppers dance school you can taste different styles of vintage swing dance (Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Balboa, West coast Swing). We invite you to join our international and very friendly dance community in The Hague with regular social dance evenings in Amare, de Prael and our studios in the center of The Hague. Workshops for visitors will be combined with dance performances by our students and social dance.

Balkan Fusion Dance workshop and performance

Anyone who hears the accordions and horns of traditional and pop music from the Balkan region will feel it right away: sitting still is not possible, nor is it meant to be. During the workshop you will learn, among other things, the circle dance, characteristic of the region, and we will then move on to some short, energetic dance combinations. The rousing sounds from Balkans stir something in you. Before you know it, your hips are moving smoothly to the music. This is where you shake it all off!

Great sound of the drums and rhythm of traditional tribal dances from East Africa

East Africa has a colorful composition of different tribes, each with its own language. Each tribe has its unique culture expressed through songs, drums and dance. The types of drums, sounds and rhythms of their dance reflect each tribe’s way of life. Come and experience the sound and rhythms of this traditional dance. Discover the similarities between Ugandan and Dutch culture here.

Latin & Modern Showdans

From Toddler Dance to Tango. Dansschool Wesseling is the dance place where young and old have been dancing for over 100 years. Taste the atmosphere of a real dance school in the heart of The Hague! This dance school is unique and everyone is welcome! On this special day we would like to show a fantastic performance to people who are curious and would like to take a look.

Your band in the Spotlight!

Did you know that Musicon is more then a venue? 2nd of September we put a Spotlight on our activities. We open our doors so that you can experience our different activities. Come over and join us!

DansClick #25: Eroica – Zino Schat

Specially for the Spotlight Festival, house maker Zino is creating a short preview with dancer Tom Pham of his work Eroica, which will be shown throughout the Netherlands during the DansClick tour.
In Eroica, Zino Schat questions the concept of friendship and the need for originality.

Remains of Memories – Esmée Begemann

This season there are also several tracks in which young people between 15 and 25 can discover and develop their dance talent.

Curious about how that works?