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Korzo previewnight

We’ve put together a program with all the disciplines you’ve come to expect from Korzo.
Come along for music, dance, circus and physical theater.
You can walk in or out of the hall after each performance and there is an intermission after each block.

Showcase Klassiek achter de Duinen

There is something for every classical music lover at festival Klassiek achter de Duinen. The artistic directors, violinist Pieter van Loenen and pianist Tobias Borsboom, let us hear some of the highlights and talk about the program of this edition of the festival, which will break loose in a few weeks in the center of The Hague.

Sneak preview J.S. Bach – de Apocalyps

OPERA2DAY and the Netherlands Bach Society took on the challenge of creating “the opera Bach never wrote”: J.S. Bach – the Apocalypse, about Jan van Leyden. He founded a salvation state that turned into a dictatorship, with Jan as king, as flamboyant as he was ruthless. A compelling staging, an outstanding cast and the choir and orchestra of the Nederlandse Bachvereniging ensure that we hear and see Bach’s music as never before.


Enjoy the ensembles with musicians from the Residentie Orkest. The ensembles can be heard in various compositions throughout the season during chamber music concerts in the Nieuwe Kerk, but also during small-scale performances in the neighborhoods of The Hague. A special way to experience music: small-scale, personal and up close.

2.30 pm on the Kunstenplein and 5.00 pm at the Tribunetrap


Exclusive preview of the new Friday afternoon series at the HaagsPianoHuis by young, recently graduated pianists. They will play works from the programs they will perform at the HaagsPianoHuis in the coming season.

Public rehearsal The Residents City Orchestra

The Residents Stadsorkest is for all children from the age of 8 from all over The Hague. Everyone is welcome to gain experience with classical music and playing in an orchestra. The Residents is all about having fun making music together. Of course, the children also take music lessons themselves. Not necessarily from sheet music for which you have to be able to read notes, but mainly by ear. We make the pieces our own in a playful way, by listening, by doing before and after and by improvising. Singing, moving and clapping are also an important part of the lesson. The Stadsorkest rehearses every week in Theater de Vaillant, but during the Spotlight Festival they do so in Amare. More information about The Residents Stadsorkest can be found at

DansClick #25: Eroica – Zino Schat

Specially for the Spotlight Festival, house maker Zino is creating a short preview with dancer Tom Pham of his work Eroica, which will be shown throughout the Netherlands during the DansClick tour.
In Eroica, Zino Schat questions the concept of friendship and the need for originality.

Remains of Memories – Esmée Begemann

This season there are also several tracks in which young people between 15 and 25 can discover and develop their dance talent.

Curious about how that works?

Book of premonitions – Rizoom

An opera written by 200 children. Book of Premonitions is a book and a score at the same time. This book brought together the imaginations, thoughts and dreams of 200(!) eleven- and twelve-year-olds. The question the children were asked: what do you want later?

Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet – Harvey Cobb

Stand-up comedy including a juggling act with pink boots. “Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet” is the first full-length piece by Harvey Cobb (Winner BNG Bank Circus Prize 2022). It is a circus, comedy and theater show featuring Harvey’s signature blend of silly stand-up, sincerity and an abundance of pink boots. It will make you laugh, cry and wonder if everything is going terribly wrong or exactly as planned….