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Popschool The Hague “Popshop”

During Popschool Den Haag’s “Popshop” you can enjoy up-and-coming pop talent from The Hague! Various bands and singer-songwriters are reviewed.

13.30 – 14:00 Fenster (Dutch language, singer-songwriter)

16.30 – 17:00 Suèdiza (EN and Spanish, soul)

Diligentia’s Fun Fair

Will we see you at Diligentia’s Fun Fair? We dare you to take a chance at our ‘Comedy Whack-a-Mole’ and show that you can hit the laughable targets! Challenge your friends to a breathtaking air hockey duel and amaze them with your skills. Unleash your inner pinball champion and achieve the highest scores as you skillfully navigate the ball over the flippers. But that’s not all! Because what’s better than enjoying all these activities with a homemade cotton candy, popcorn, or even a refreshing cocktail?

NDT: Movie screening Mist

Mist presents Damien Jalets debut as choreographer at NDT. The creations by the Belgian-French maker are visual stunning, kinetic and thought provoking. The film was created in collaboration with Japanese visual artist Kohei Nawa and videographer Rahi Rezvani. Jalet was inspired by the Dutch landscape; fog banks, wind and sea are depicted in the flowing movements of NDT 1 dancers. Metaphoric and metamorphic, Mist was created in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic and captures a sense of surrendering to its ambient bluriness, while finding a transcendent beauty that plunges the viewers into a hypnotic like state. Come and be dazzled by this beautiful dance film Mist.

Pubquiz: House of Horror

Get into the dark realms with mysterious questions during our House of Horror pub quiz! Do you still have your knowledge and horror visuals on your mind? After the quiz, dive into a dark room for horror night….