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Beatlab @ Musicon

With 2 recorders, we go hunting for sounds. This can be done indoors or outdoors. There are various drumsticks that can also be used for that purpose. The sounds being sought are short and long sounds, and high and low sounds. Everything can be recorded. The crazier the sound, the better. Once more than 30 sounds have been found, we return to the ‘Lab’. There, the found sounds are loaded into the computer. Once that is done, the sounds can be played again with controllers by those who recorded them. Together, we create a beat and, if there is still time, a complete track. Afterward, everyone receives the beat/track to take home.


Doorlopend programma


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Op vrijdagavond opent het festival in de wijken met de lokale cultuur. Zaterdagmiddag kunnen families en doeners ontdekken hoe ze zelf actief kunnen worden. Zaterdagavond zijn er korte sneakpreviews bij deelnemende instellingen te zien.