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BLVKBX (ages 13+)

Welcome to the BLCKBX. Gen Z’s theatrical time capsule. The generation that knows no world without smartphones. Here we keep our deepest fears, dreams, desires and ideals. Pronounced, silent, we stand in a world full of contradictions and change. We take you into what should NEVER be lost for us. While we are tossed back and forth between physical and digital dimensions where we try to find ourselves and each other. And you. You are part of the BLCKBX. With your own smartphone. Make sure you are charged… BLCKBX is an honest, intimate, theatrical performance about the search for yourself and each other at a crossroads between the offline & online world.


15:30 - 16:30
16:30 - 17:30


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Op vrijdagavond opent het festival in de wijken met de lokale cultuur. Zaterdagmiddag kunnen families en doeners ontdekken hoe ze zelf actief kunnen worden. Zaterdagavond zijn er korte sneakpreviews bij deelnemende instellingen te zien.