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Spotlight Festival is the official opening of the cultural season of the region of The Hague.

Various cultural institutions open their doors and it is possible to visit and discover many places in 1 weekend. Various special performances and activities will take place. At the same time, we put the program for the coming cultural season in the spotlight: the performances, the associations and the courses in The Hague!

The festival will take place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September 2023.

On Friday evening we organize Spotlight in the Wijk. Spread across the city, each Cultuuranker offers its own varied programme.

On Saturday afternoons and evenings, the Spotlight Podium Route runs throughout The Hague at participating theaters and cultural institutions. They present their agenda for the coming season and various culture makers give short performances and workshops.

Both evenings we organize Spotlight @ Night with night programming at a number of locations (including Korzo, the National Theater, PAARD and Musicon). Here is also the possibility for a drink and a dance!

This year, more than 30 theatres, stages and cultural institutions will open their doors to you. Even more theater companies, musicians, dance schools, etc. will be presenting at these locations. View the range on the map page

Every cultural organization deserves to be put in the spotlight. However, not every amateur company, music school or association has a suitable location or a sufficient number of visitors if they present themselves alone. That is why 'Hotspots' are being organized in some larger locations where smaller organizations can present themselves in the neighborhoods and visitors can participate in short workshops.

'Hotspots' are therefore mini-festivals where amateur associations and cultural providers can present themselves externally.

Every district in The Hague has a Culture Anchor, such as a theatre, library or museum from which activities for the district are organized. This means that art and culture are always nearby.

From Bollywood dance to classical ballet. Pop or jazz, a movie or theatre. Culture is as versatile as the city itself.

On Friday evening during 'Spotlight in de Wijk' you will discover culture in your own neighbourhood. Spread across the city, each Cultuuranker offers its own varied programme.


No, it is not necessary to register for individual program components. Many program components are executed or given more than once. If you would like to attend something, we recommend that you arrive on time.

No, you can decide for yourself which locations you want to visit!

Use the map to navigate through the city and use the clusters at the bottom of the page to search for the locations per district.

We do advise you to also go to the places that do not immediately appeal to you. Let yourself be surprised by the special places and art forms of the city.

The event is free and open to everyone!

We want to introduce a wider audience to the diverse cultural offer of The Hague. Culture is not free, but during the festival we want to offer everyone the opportunity to come into contact with as many performing arts as possible.

We advise visitors to come to the event by bicycle and/or public transport. Parking in The Hague (and specifically on Saturdays) is often difficult. Because of the short distances, visitors can then easily move between the various locations by bicycle or on foot. Shared bicycles and shared scooters are available in many places.

Cycling is the most sustainable and easiest way to travel to and during the event!

We provide sufficient bicycle parking facilities near major locations and there are good public transport connections on the routes. There is also a good opportunity in The Hague to use shared bicycles and electric shared scooters (for people for whom cycling or walking is not a good option).

Providers of (electric) shared bicycles in The Hague are: HTM, Donkey Republic, Haagse Stadsfiets, Bondi and OV-fiets. Providers of shared scooters in The Hague are: Felyx, Check or Go Sharing.

Still by car? Then the car can park in the parking garage at the Museum Quarter or choose a cheaper P+R point and then take public transport to the city.

Check for more information.

Yes, various activities will be organized especially for children. Especially on Saturday during the day there will be plenty of activities for children aged approx. 3-12 years.

Keep an eye on our program for more info!

No, dogs don't mix well with stage performances.

Background information​

The first edition of Spotlight Festival The Hague will take place in 2023. In previous years, the opening of the cultural season was organized under the name UIT Festival Den Haag. The season opening of the performing arts has a long history. The first edition took place in 1973 in honor of Queen Juliana's silver jubilee.

But this year, the opening of the cultural season in The Hague will be given a new meaning and a new look. For this reason we give the start of the cultural season a new contemporary name:

Spotlight Festival The Hague: Your city, your stage.

Spotlight Festival The Hague is a collaboration between the Haags Cultuuroverleg, the municipality of The Hague, Donkergroen creators and the participating theaters and venues and culture makers in The Hague.

Based on the vision of Donkergroen creators, we strive for events with a social objective and positive impact. To organize them sustainably and circularly, we are affiliated with the 'Sustainability Circle Events' of the municipality of The Hague.

In concrete terms, think of policies and measures that encourage visitors to take the bicycle and/or public transport, we use fixed power connections with green electricity and we prevent waste through digital 'programme booklets' and marketing resources and reusable promotional materials.

We also take into account inclusiveness and accessibility in the programming.

The following applies to both artists and visitors: everyone is welcome at the Spotlight Festival!

Many parties are involved in the development and implementation of the Spotlight Festival. The main ones are, first of all, the creators and organizations of professional and amateur performing arts.

In addition, the Cultuurankers are important partners in the concept of bringing culture close to each part of the city. They are close to the residents in their neighborhood and have knowledge of local cultural activities and amateur associations.

There are all kinds of cultural events in The Hague throughout the year, such as Museum Night The Hague, Hoogtij, De Betovering, De Parade, Embassy Festival, Festival Classique and Clubhopping, each with its own identity and place on the cultural agenda.

Check out these events for even more culture and fun!

The organization can be reached for questions or collaborations via the form in the link below:

Click here

Culture in The Hague

The Hague is a large city of culture: the city has top education, famous museums, nationally renowned theater and dance companies, beautiful theaters and stages, thriving cultural anchors, renowned music ensembles, a thriving band scene and iconic festivals.

Culture can only exist if it is shared. The Haags Cultuuroverleg, the municipality and all residents of the city therefore have a common interest in sharing all this beauty with each other and with visitors to The Hague. With the kick-off of the upcoming cultural season, Spotlight Festival annually fulfills that role for the performing arts.

About us

Spotlight Festival The Hague is a collaboration between the Haags Cultuuroverleg, the municipality of The Hague, Donkergroen creators and the participating theaters and venues and culture makers in The Hague. The participants put together their own program to entertain visitors with the stage culture of The Hague and give a sneak preview of their program for the coming cultural season.

The opening of the cultural season in The Hague has been taking place since 1973. The first time was in honor of Queen Juliana’s silver jubilee. For a long time the event was called UIT Festival Den Haag. Since 2023 it has been organized with a new setup under the name Spotlight Festival The Hague.

The project is coordinated by Donkergroen creators.


In addition to the unique collaboration with the participating theaters and venues and culture makers, we are also grateful to our other partners:

Corporate identity – Alterego

Website – Modern Media Hub

PR–Smith Communications

Spotlight Festival The Hague is made possible in part by:

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We are working hard on the first edition of the Spotlight Festival. In the coming period, the concept and program will increasingly be fleshed out on this website and on our socials. Would you like to share something with us? Mail us!