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Hotspot Live Loket @ Amare

Doorlopend programma

At the Spotlight Live Counter, participants placed on the Hotspot Amare present themselves with ticket sales/membership recruitment for the upcoming cultural season. So it is the place to buy your tickets for the upcoming season as well. The compact festival site connects the various cultural venues in the city. The Spotlight Live Loket is a starting and information point for visiting institutions during the Podiumroute, but also a nice place to stay and experience a cross-section of the cultural season on the spot. In addition, there are displays that show seasonal programming in video and images.

When visiting Amare’s Spotlight Live Box Office, you’ll find:

Academy of Vocal Arts (Showcase in Rabarber)

Popschool Den Haag

Dansschool Pretima Ke Dewashrie

Haags Toonkunstkoor

Festival Classique

MounaMay Dance & PIlates

Holland Dance Festival

Hoftheater Den Haag

New European Ensemble

Girls in woods (showcase in Theater De Regentes)


Discover it here!

On Friday evening you can discover the culture in your own neighbourhood. On the Podium route you will meet the culture makers, stages and hotspots spread across the city on Saturday. Both days, the party erupts all over the city during Spotlight@Night.

2 September - Afternoon

12:30 -


Balkan Fusion Dance workshop and performance

2 September - Afternoon

13:30 -


Great sound of the drums and rhythm of traditional tribal dances from East Africa

2 September - Afternoon

12:00 -


Visit the Kloosterkerk!

2 September - Afternoon

12:00 -


Welcome to the Blavatskyhouse!

2 September - Evening

19:00 -


DansClick #25: Eroica – Zino Schat

2 September - Evening

18:00 -


MounaMay Dance School | Oriental Dance

2 September - Evening

19:50 -


Book of premonitions – Rizoom

2 September - Evening

20:05 -


Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet – Harvey Cobb

2 September - Evening

19:00 -


Showcase Klassiek achter de Duinen

2 September - Evening

23:30 -