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Nape Neck

Doorlopend programma

Nape Neck is a trio from Leeds, England, playing post-post-punk that’s simultaneously tangled and taut, frantic and danceable. Guitar, bass, and drums all function individually in their typical roles, while simultaneously reaching out to fill in for one another. Sharp stitches of guitar add to drum grove, repetitive low-tuned drums thicken up the bass, and melodies from the bass substitute the already preoccupied guitar. This is exaggerated further as all three musicians sing their neatly interwoven vocals, blurring all boundaries between musical roles and eliminating any stereotypical sense of hierarchy, either consciously or unconsciously reflecting the member’s own social/ political stance. The result is frantic, high energy, noisy music.


Discover it here!

On Friday evening you can discover the culture in your own neighbourhood. On the Podium route you will meet the culture makers, stages and hotspots spread across the city on Saturday. Both days, the party erupts all over the city during Spotlight@Night.

2 September - Evening

20:00 -


Dance performance by the students of Pretima Ke Dewashrie

2 September - Afternoon

12:00 -


Hotspot Live Loket @ Filmhuis

2 September - Evening

19:50 -


Book of premonitions – Rizoom

2 September - Afternoon

14:00 -


Workshop breakdance (6+)

2 September - Evening

19:00 -


Our Embassy Festival #5

2 September - Afternoon

17:10 -


Popkoor Focus presents popsongs

2 September - Evening

18:00 -


MounaMay Dance School | Oriental Dance

2 September - Afternoon

12:30 -


Balkan Fusion Dance workshop and performance

2 September - Afternoon

17:30 -


NDT: Movie screening Mist

2 September - Afternoon

17:10 -


Popkoor focus presents popsongs!