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Public rehearsal The Residents City Orchestra

Doorlopend programma

The Residents Stadsorkest is for all children from the age of 8 from all over The Hague. Everyone is welcome to gain experience with classical music and playing in an orchestra. The Residents is all about having fun making music together. Of course, the children also take music lessons themselves. Not necessarily from sheet music for which you have to be able to read notes, but mainly by ear. We make the pieces our own in a playful way, by listening, by doing before and after and by improvising. Singing, moving and clapping are also an important part of the lesson. The Stadsorkest rehearses every week in Theater de Vaillant, but during the Spotlight Festival they do so in Amare. More information about The Residents Stadsorkest can be found at


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On Friday evening you can discover the culture in your own neighbourhood. On the Podium route you will meet the culture makers, stages and hotspots spread across the city on Saturday. Both days, the party erupts all over the city during Spotlight@Night.

2 September - Afternoon

12:30 -


Balkan Fusion Dance workshop and performance

2 September - Afternoon

15:30 -


Hotspot Live Loket @ Korzo

2 September - Evening

23:00 -


Nape Neck

2 September - Afternoon

15:00 -



2 September - Afternoon

17:30 -


NDT: Movie screening Mist

2 September - Afternoon

17:00 -


Workshop LIFE (‘Courage, Inspiration, Fantasy & Energy’)! For ages 12 to 99.

2 September - Evening

22:30 -


Horror night at Filmhuis Den Haag

2 September - Afternoon

13:30 -


Popschool The Hague “Popshop”

2 September - Evening

20:00 -


Sans Age

2 September - Evening

21:00 -


Pubquiz: House of Horror